McFun // The “Takeaway” Project

Holy Thursday had me more excited than a youngster anticipating their happy meal and toy.


Reason: “The Takeaway Project”.


“The Takeaway Project” is the newest and most exciting fast-food joint* to hit our beloved little city. However, it’s quite different from the typical burger or burrito distributor. Rather, this place is a two-storey mad house, with less food and more drink… and when we say less food we mean no food and $5 vodkas(!!)


Thursday night enthusiasts have been awaiting a new party spot and “The Takeaway Project” has perfectly filled that void. Hidden just off Hindley Street in Crippen Place, “The Takeaway Project” occurs one Thursday night each month in the Electric Circus and Mr Kim’s building. The party began on April 2, drawing a crowd comparative to the size of “Krispy Kreme” on their opening night. No doubt this crowd will quarter pounder in size as the word spreads. Most attendees were in their early twenties, and included many lovers of the old “Projects” who were hoping to re-live their good ol’ Thursday night times from 2011.


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“The Takeaway Project” doesn’t quite have a “loose change menu”, but boasts $5 beer, cider and vodkas specials, and offers Birthday packages upon request. Both floors are host to an array of up and coming Adelaide DJs with Electric Circus pumping more of the techno beats and Mr Kim’s playing the swaggy sing-along songs. Both floors also have ample seating for a quick drinks break or chat; or for gobbling up the popcorn chicken you managed to sneak inside (hats off).


The Takeaway Project: Thursday nights once a month @ 17 Crippen Place. 9pm – 5am (perhaps hash browns and hot cakes after?). $15 entry.


*Dine-in only.

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