Happy Birthday Girl About Town PR!

Last Thursday night, one of Adelaide’s most fabulous public relations companies, Girl About Town, celebrated their very first birthday in style, throwing a glamorous Great Gatsby themed party for VIP guests, playing on the name ‘GAT’sby. Free rides on Uber were sent out, taking guests from their homes to a ‘secret location’ where the party was to be held.

Upon reaching Rymill Park, a vision of glowing fairy lights was visible from the far distance. The secret location was soon revealed – a massive gazebo had been set up, smack bang in the middle of the park, beaming light into an otherwise dark, deserted parklands, and it was buzzing with people left right and centre.

Our driver proceeded to open the car door for us in true ‘movie’ manner and, as we parted from our ride, we caught a glimpse of the large initials, G – A – T, standing tall and shining from afar. Approaching the elaborate entrance gate, we were warmly welcomed by dapper Finesse Models in tuxedos and gorgeous girls in 1920’s cabaret-wear standing side-by-side. It felt truly authentic – an absolutely astounding 1920’s set-up.


View on arrival

The inside of the gazebo was where all the magic was happening. Every inch of the decor inside was a heavenly white and glowing with light, the roof being filled up with intertwining fairy lights. A bar decorated with cream-coloured candles and pale pink flowers stood central to the space, offering unlimited complimentary glasses of champagne and wine, as well as our favourite Malt Fiction beer. To the right, DJ KRISP spun tunes for the guests, allowing space for a dancefloor to form later in the night after a just little more alcohol consumption.

During the party, guests were treated to a classy performance of 1920’s cabaret-style dance by professional dancers, adding to the glamorous vibe of the twenties era cascading throughout the space. One of our favourite authentic touches would certainly have been the Scotch and Cigar Bar just outside of the gazebo. At the bar, we were able to request a complimentary glass of scotch and choice of cigar to go with it, just as any great party in the 1920’s would have had. Incredibly dapper.


Scotch & Cigar Bar

Spinning a more modern touch on things, guests could post photos from the party on Instagram and hashtag #GATGatsby to have their polaroids printed out and kept as a memory of the night. A variety of food was also on offer as waitresses circulated throughout the crowd, carrying trays of delicious sliders, sushi from Sushi Planet and various gourmet pizza choices.

After a well-deserved toast to GAT director, Maree Stoubos, and the rest of the gorgeous GAT girls, the party continued on to the night and saw everyone well and truly content. We can’t thank Girl About Town PR enough for the great work they’ve been doing for Adelaide and local businesses this past year, and we wish them a massive happy birthday from all the writers here at The Adelaidian!


Sparkling bottles of champagne

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Image credit: Girl About Town PR

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