Torte E Mort: Songs of Cake and Death

Being fans of cake, but not so much death, The Adelaidian were naturally intrigued as to what an evening of Anya Anastasia’s critically acclaimed cabaret show, Torte e Mort would bring to the Ukiyo tent of the Royal Crocquet Club.

Loud, brash and rouged into life, Anastasia commands the audience from the very moment she enters the performance space. Dressed in an 18th century bejewelled, frou frou concoction of pink and green satin with an equally elaborate powdered wig, Anastasia suspends disbelief; she IS Marie Antoinette.

The show twists and turns – sometimes rather dizzyingly – through a series of characters and scenarios, exploring the death of Antoinette herself, greed, luxury and over indulgence. Anastasia, accompanied by Bec Matthews on percussion and Joy Sparkes on vocals, belts out an impressive number of tunes regarding these subject matters (and even reappears as a lycra clad she devil to lure you further in to her world). With a voice reminiscent of brit pop darling Marina Diamandis (of Marina & The Diamonds fame) and the comedic stylings of Tim Minchin, Anastasia certainly ensures the audience are entertained, if not entirely sure as to what is going on. Anastasia’s piano accompaniments to the heavily pun filled lyrics are refreshingly original, catchy and, at times, provide a haunting backdrop to the content.

Utilising movement, music, visual art and physical humour, Torte e Mort is sure to provide a deliciously wicked evening for anyone who dares to have their cake and eat it too.

We rate: ★★★ 3/5 stars

Image courtesy of The Adelaide Fringe Festival

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