We try out the new anti-bacterial range from Tesalate Towels

Since when did we become excited about getting gifted towels?! It’s either we’re now officially boring adults, or that Tesalate‘s towels are flat out fabulous and worth getting excited about. We’re banking on the latter.

If you’ve been following our blog for a while now, you’ll know that we’ve been longtime fans of Tesalate. Made of exclusive AbsorbLiteā„¢ fabric, Tesalate’s beach towels are expertly designed to shake out sand with ease. In a way, you could consider them ‘smart towels’. Not only are they sand-free, but they are ultra-absorbent and rapid-drying. It takes half the time to dry a Tesalate towel than it does a regular towel!

However, we’re not here to tell you about the beach towels today. We’re here to tell you about their spanking new, just as smart workout towels! Branded as ‘a safer towel for a new world’, their workout towels are both bacteria-resistant and anti-microbial. The anti-microbial additive is built into the core of the fabric, meaning the towels are effective not only against bacteria, but the growth of fungi including mold, mildew, and algae.

As regular gym-goers, we’re no strangers to a sweaty, smelly towel. Eughh. So, one of the other great features we enjoy is that these new towels stay odour-free for longer, thanks to the fast-drying nature of the design. And top of all these awesome and practical functions, there are still so many cute, trendy patterns to choose from! This means you can relish in a practical workout towel without skimping on style.

We recently picked out some cute designs of our own to pimp out our gym gear. Mel chose The Swell, and not just because it rhymed with her name. Flaunting a monochrome contrast, hypnotic stripe design, she fell in love with the look in an instant.

Previously having owned a Tesalate beach towel of a similar design, it was her all-time favourite towel she took everywhere. Unfortunately, it was such a fabulous towel that some cheeky thief swiped it up when she left it unattended in a gym locker. Moral of the story? Lock your gym lockers, guys.

Kristen chose Moonflower, which offers a really lovely pink and green leafy print. It’s both bright and feminine, with a touch of abstract. Perfect to complement a pink or green gym set!

Being holiday season and all, it’s well worth considering Tesalate towels as a practical, yet still very thoughtful gift this Christmas. We have a hot Aussie summer coming up, and loads of beach-dwelling to be had, so a gorgeous beach towel is something many of us could make use of! And for those sporty mates of yours, a Tesalate gym towel could be the gift they never knew they needed.

To check out the range and read more about Tesalate and their innovation, follow through to the website here.

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