Week 3 ClassPass // Aleenta Barre

Fun. Challenging. Boutique. These are just some of the few words we would describe Aleenta Barre on Rundle Street.

It was super exciting to try my first class at Aleenta with my ClassPass, having heard nothing but glowing feedback from relative friends and acquaintances before. The fitout is sleek in design, with a funky wooden wall feature on entrance and a clean, crisp studio that shines bright under the sunlight. Although a rather small, intimate space, you feel comfortable with the people you are exercising with as the place tends to exude a supportive team vibe.

It was an all-female class the day I attended, and the room was full with each yoga matt in the space being used. Along with the yoga matt, class members are provided dumbbells and a fitness ball to use in various exercises throughout the hour-long class.

One of my favourite parts about this class, apart from it’s contemporary design and inclusive atmosphere, was the fact that I could never get bored. Positions were changed constantly, incorporating the arms, legs and core. We would be consistently challenged with the varying positions and exercises, but were never pushed too hard.


About to get our ‘barre burn’ on.

We especially love that Aleenta offers different classes to suit different workout types, including abs fitness, yoga, strength training and, of course, barre. This means we have the chance to exercise our entire core over a number of different sessions, and we can pick and choose which parts of our body we feel need more work!

After class, our lovely instructor poured us some mini fruit juice cups to refresh and revitalise after an intense yet rewarding workout. It was the little things like this – the attention to detail – that make Aleenta Barre a standout class for me so far.

Will I return? Yes, there’s no doubt about it.

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