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The first of June heralds the official start to winter: a season of cloudier days, cosy nights spent inside and an abundance of rain that never seems to hold back. Some love winter fashion, while some loathe it. However, if there’s is one thing most will agree on, it’s that you’ve made a winning decision for the day if your outfit manages to keep you dry.

While the choice to select a bulky coat or a knitted jumper are always at the front of one’s mind when dressing, sometimes the rain just won’t agree with you. Yes, we could carry an umbrella while walking from place-to-place but that takes up space in your bags and even becomes an impediment when trying to carry multiple items at once. Now that’s where a raincoat comes in handy!

When we think of raincoats, often our minds are cast back to ugly, bright yellow hooded items that haunted our childhood winters, or perhaps even a school uniform version that was compulsory throughout adolescence. Note: raincoats do not need to be the ugly step sister of your winter jackets.

For 2017, many labels have released updated and chic versions of the winter staple that allow for a fun, feminine approach to the garment while maintaining its practicality. Below, we’ve picked our favourite raincoats for you to peruse and perhaps even add to your winter 2017 wardrobe.

1. Gorman ‘I’m Not Afraid’ raincoat $99.95

2. Leonard St. ‘Fundamental’ raincoat $220

3. Asos ‘Ditsy Floral’ raincoat $99

4. Gorman ‘Love Sick” raincoat $99


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