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Fish & Lemonade Takeaway Sydney

The poor fish burger has been given a bad name by Micky D’s questionable Filet O’ Fish, but after trying Fish & Lemonade‘s Southern Fried Fish Burger, we’re falling in love with the world of seafood buns. Located at a gorgeous lemon yellow and baby pink diner at Manly Wharf, and now an equally as pastel-coloured food trunk in Drummoyne, Fish & Lemonade is making waves with its moreish dishes, refreshing lemonade and summery packaging.

  • Fish & Lemonade's Southern Fried Fish Burger
  • Fish & Lemonade's Southern Fried Fish Burger

From the moment we bit into the famous SFFB, we were in burg heaven. The flakey, soft fish was encased in the crunchiest, crispiest coating, creating the perfect contrast of textures when you’re chomping down. Also layered inside the milk bun is lettuce, tomato, cheese, sriracha mayo and aioli, making for a wonderful combination of fresh, sweet, salty and spicy flavours. We’ll definitely be indulging in one of these bad boys again soon.

The Drummoyne food truck menu is smaller than the Manly one, but still offers a great variety of tasty fried fish and chip dishes, of which we tried a few. The SFFB burger was a hard act to follow, but the crumbed calamari and chips was a generous serving for its price tag and perfectly cooked. The calamari was soft and tender, coated in a medium crispy crust and the chips were crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and gently seasoned.

  • Fish & Lemonade's Soft Shell Tacos
  • Fish & Lemonade's Crumbed Calamari & Chips

The crispy fish taco was our absolute favourite of the three soft taco varieties, offering a surprising flavour combo that we loved. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, aioli, chipotle mustard and parmesan cheese were layered with the crispy fish fillet inside a soft tortilla, introducing us to the wonderful world of cheesy seafood. To wash it all down, we tried a couple of their cold-pressed lemonades as well, and we’d highly recommend grabbing one of these with your meal (or without. Sipping on one of these on a hot day at the beach would be amazing). The original lemonade flavour was our favourite, but a special mention goes to the passionfruit which was a tart but sweet combination we also loved.

The key to any great dish is always starting with quality ingredients, and that’s exactly what Fish & Lemonade do. The sustainable seafood they source includes Tasmanian salmon, Daintree barramundi, East Coast calamari and New Zealand hake. It goes without saying the zesty lemons they use to make their iconic lemonade are fresh from Aussie farms also.

Fish & Lemonade Takeaway Sydney

While all dine-in restaurants are currently closed in Sydney, you can visit the Fish & Lemonade Manly store or Drummoyne food truck for takeaway if it’s in your 5km radius. Alternatively, if either locations are within a 10km radius you can get these tasty treats delivered fresh to your door.

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