2kw’s New Season Cocktail Menu

Adelaide’s trendy rooftop bar and restaurant, 2kw, launched their seasonal cocktail menu this week, offering selected guests the chance to come in and try the new spread before releasing to the public.

Being avid cocktail fanatics ourselves, we couldn’t wait to see what 2kw had to offer. And, believe us, the options were certainly nothing short of impressive.

Entering the room, we were greeted warmly by the staff and were immediately shown to the bar where the bartenders were busy making rows of ‘2kw The Drink‘ signature cocktail for guests to enjoy on arrival. Antipasto platters of different cured meats, olives, pickles and fresh sliced bread sat on tables for guests to graze on in between tasting drinks.


2kw brought out each cocktail one by one, placing them on separate tables with a sweet little display set up and a card labelling them by their names and ingredients. Having gotten to try all of the delectable beverages on offer, we decided to choose our top picks off of the menu to share with you guys, comprising a list of five deliciously unique blends.

Cold Drip Negroni

Made with Tanqueray gin, Maidenii Sweet Vermouth, Campari, cold drip coffee and orange peel garnish, this cocktail is a bartenter’s dream and a common favourite amongst the 2kw staff. The caffeine taste certainly hits the palate most prominently and, in turn, softens the bitterness of the campari. Although a strong drink, the Cold Drip Negroni is surprisingly (and dangerously) more-ish.

Peanut Old Fashioned


This was the first to be brought out, and for someone who’s not the biggest fan of the old fashion cocktail, this one took me by surprise. Peanut infused bourbon, sugar, a dash of chocolate bitters and a pinch of salt combined to make a flavour so rich, you couldn’t get enough. Garnished with a thin chilled chocolate slither, the Peanut Old Fashioned had me thinking of peanut butter and that amazing American chocolate, Reese’s Pieces, whilst still maintaining that old fashioned taste.

The Jam Factory


The last two have been quite strong picks, so we’d like to share our thoughts on one of 2kw’s sweeties, The Jam Factory. This cocktail consists of a vast array of ingredients including the likes of lillet blanc, ketel one vodka, St Germain elderflower, lemon, strawberry jam, raspberry syrup and a squeeze of strawberry puree. The blend is poured into a long jam jar and topped off with mint, strawberries and flowers for garnish. Tasting just like a strawberry milkshake, we’d recommend this one to those of you who aren’t fans of the harder drinks.

Stormy Like Summer


Okay, we could rave on about this one forever. The Stormy Like Summer cocktail has got to be one of the most interesting tasting and surprisingly amazing cocktails we’ve ever tried. The ingredients are as follows: tequila, chipotle infused blanco, lime, sugar, parsley leaves and green capsicum, then garnished with a stick of parsley and a cute mini peg to hold it up. So, sounds extremely savoury, right? Almost like a Bloody Mary perhaps? Nope, this combination ended up being sweet in a weirdly savoury way, likely due to the addition of sugar (obvs). But, whilst you could taste the capsicum and parsley throughout, it was far from overpowering. It was mildly hot and spicy, and not even the tequila stood prominent to the flavours we were experiencing! In an effort to describe the taste, we’ve decided it’s just too hard to put into words so we recommend going in and ordering one for yourself.

Maslins Beach


Coming into summer, we couldn’t leave without recommending the ultimate beachy beverage: Maslins Beach. Comprising of coconut washed rum, apricot brandy, lime and egg white, the Maslins Beach is a refreshing and easily drinkable cocktail. The egg white adds a smooth texture while the lime and apricot infuse some fruity flavours throughout. 2kw adds sprinkles of coconut flakes to finish off this coco-crazy cocktail.

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