Add a bit of sparkle to your life with Vani-T

When we received these fabulous Vani-T products in the mail, we were mesmerised by how gorgeous the packaging was. Like magpies drawn to shiny objects, we were hooked on the super-luxe faceted lipstick cases, mirrored bronzing compacts and crystal-filled makeup brushes.

Though we wanted these products in our lives purely so we could display them on our vanities, we also wanted to see if the hype about the makeup lived up to expectations.

Vani-T makeup is an Adelaide-founded company that markets itself as ‘eco-glamour’, being free from chemicals, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. The ‘Mineral Lip Colours’ we tried were creamy and moisturising, with a smooth application and high colour payoff. As they were so buttery, we used them with the ‘Mineral Lip Definer’, which is a pencil lip-liner that is high in pigment and draws a sharp, defined line with no feathering.

Though we usually use contouring palettes for our bronzer, the ‘Bronze Boheme Mineral Bronzer’ is perfect for carrying around for touch-ups during the day. It comes with two sections: an orange-based sculpting shade and a gold-flecked illuminating shade. They both go on quite light but are extremely buildable, allowing for either a light or heavy contour. We used the mineral bronzer with the ‘Contour Multi-Brush’, a double-ended face brush that is filled with crystals and made with super-soft, vegan, synthetic fibres.

Vani-T is a name we’ve heard used synonymously with fake tan, and have been to many a salon that use their solution in the spray machines. Vani-T also have a range of tanning mousses and sprays that you can do at home that doesn’t require a $300 machine, so we were super excited to try this out as well.

For 125mL the bottle is a little on the small side, but you don’t have to use much to achieve a dark, even tan. The colour is deep and natural, so there’s no telltale giveaway that comes from an orange fake tan. We applied the mousse with the ‘Bronzing Mitt’, which is well-worth the investment as it’s really thick and velvety so there’s minimal risk of ripping holes in it anytime soon.

As the tan applied quite dark, we mixed a little bit of the mousse into our daily moisturiser and applied it gently to our face so it wasn’t as obvious that our body had been in the Bahamas all week and our face had been chilling in Antartica.

Overall, we were left with a deep, natural tan that was streak-free and lasted just over a week. We would definitely recommend this product, especially if you’re a previous Vani-T spray tan user like us but don’t have the time to make an appointment to tan every week.

If you wanted to check out Vani-T’s beauty and tanning products for yourself, you can find them on their website here.

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