Amy&Elle // Say Hello To Your New Best Friends

Special guests were tantalised last Friday night by sparkling jewels, cotton scarves and overall glamour while taking a sneak peek at Adelaide’s newest jewellery and accessory company Amy&Elle at their showroom in Unley to celebrate their first birthday.

Owner and director Amy Lewicki had the chance to meet many of her loyal customers who were treated to an abundance of price specials, tasty platters, custom made Amy&Elle cupcakes from BTS Café Adelaide and the sweet aroma of Adelaide’s current candle obsession Chloe Jane Candle Co.

Starting up a year ago, Amy’s business has started to take off with a variety of jewels to suit any woman at any age and even having her pieces featured on popular SA newsreaders including Rebecca Morse.


Owner Amy Lewicki and sister Emily (Elle) Pelizzari

What make’s Amy&Elle unique you ask? Amy gets to connect with her clients on a personal level as her sourcing of jewellery is based on her personal (and great) taste for a good jewel. And who might Elle be? That’s Amy’s sister Emily who has been a close supporter – along with the rest of Amy’s family – throughout the entire process.

It’s no doubt the business supplies a little something for everyone with a huge range of coloured, gold and silver statement pieces, but currently, one of their highest selling points is the delicate, fine rose gold and silver jewellery – if you haven’t already, you need to grab yourself one of these every-day-wear pieces (Check them out here).

If you have a desire to stock a bit of Amy&Elle in your store, don’t hesitate to contact Amy through her website or Facebook page and view the amazing selection the modern Adelaide company has to offer.

Be right back – just ordering ourselves a truckload of new jewellery.



Photo Credit: Amy&Elle + Duncan McKenzie

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