Ashlee Graham // White Noise

Guests were invited to see the lovely new pieces from Adelaide designer Ashlee Graham’s new Winter collection, White Noise, last Thursday evening at the beautiful Hotel Richmond.

If you’re a monochrome type of girl like me and don’t like to experiment with too much colour, Ashlee’s collection will whisper to you in ways you’ve never been whispered to before (in other words, her collection is your soulmate).

Upon champagne, delicate desserts and an overall relaxed vibe, Adelaide’s fashion crew were able to sample some of the ‘dark, moody and static’ designs which are quite different from Ashlee’s previous colour-filled collection.


Sampling Ashlee Graham’s White Noise collection

‘This collection was a real shift for me in terms of everything so far has been really bright and really young and I really wanted to tone it down… I would wear every single piece that’s in this collection and that was really important to me.’

‘This season has been so black and grey… I don’t think I’ve worn any colour at all so that was really my inspiration, just being myself and trying to get back to being true to myself and designing from the heart,’ Ashlee says.

Ashlee and her ever-so-stylish Daughter

Ashlee and her ever-so-stylish Daughter

On her Autumn and Winter staple, Ashlee keeps it nice and simple with a good pair of jeans and a big, grey coat.

When asked what’s next, the designer’s ‘go-getter’ attitude is clear, ‘Straight into designing for Summer, it’s got to get ready… I’m not sure what exactly is going to be in it, but there’s definitely going to be more black, white and grey.’

So you’re an aspiring Adelaide designer? While Ashlee’s still finding her feet in the industry (and quickly making a name for herself within the fashion scene), she advises you to ‘just do it.’

‘Just stick to it – that’s why I used my own name – to keep myself going because if I was doing this under a brand and it wasn’t working, I’d walk away, but it being my own name, means that I actually have to keep myself going’.

‘You’ve got to find ways to keep yourself motivated and keep yourself going because it is a hard industry,’ says Ashlee.


Ashlee Graham’s White Noise collection

For now, Ashlee has a ‘ten-hour debt of sleep to catch up on’ but you can hopefully expect to see her new Summer collection in just a few months! In the meantime, grace your eyes over the talented designer’s White Noise collection here.


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