ATTN: POPs Brings Alcoholic Ice-Blocks to Australia

It’s the age-old dilemma; you’re sitting poolside, and a friend is offering around some ice-blocks. While you’d love to experience the refreshing relief an icy-cold treat could provide you, you also don’t want to stop drinking your alcoholic beverage. It’s a tricky situation, what do you do?

Fortunately, UK alcoholic ice-block company POPs have launched in Australia, just in time for summer. Available in a range of delicious flavours like Champagne, Bellini and Moscow Mule, these tasty treats are sure to refresh you and give you a little bit of a kick. With an average ABV of 4%, you don’t have to worry about getting too sloppy while indulging in a POPs either.

For those who don’t consume alcohol but still want to feel fancy this summer, POPs also offer two delicious non-alcoholic flavours: Apple and Elderflower, and Strawberry and Mint

We tried four of the five flavours at the POPs Australia launch at Arboury in Melbourne, and can report that from what we tried these ice-blocks are delicious and fun to eat. Our favourite flavour was Bellini, and you can be sure we’ll be stocking up on some of these this summer.

You can purchase POPs at Arbory and The Langham in Melbourne, or order online through alcoholic home-delivery service Tipple.

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