Celebrating The Holdy’s First Birthday

This week, The Holdy is celebrating their first birthday, and what better way than with drinks, delicious food and some new-age fun (even if things did get a little messy)?

At the event, we were treated to the likes of pork belly sliders, Balinese chicken, fried crab, 12-hour roast lamb and churros. The food was aplenty and everything showcased on the night is available on the regular menu, with the 12 hour lamb as an occasional special. It was a feast fit for anyone who loves good food, and don’t we all?

Were we not spoiled at the 1st birthday celebrations?

Were we not simply spoiled at the 1st birthday celebrations?

It was a pleasure to eat such good food in an equally nice setting. The Holdy has a nautical theme, but before you get too apprehensive, it has been done very well. The decoration and fitout is both tasteful and fun, making it a cosy, casual and relaxed setting, perfect for dinner or drinks with friends.

Just some of the birthday deliciousness going around at The Holdy's 1st birthday

Just some more of the birthday deliciousness going around at The Holdy’s 1st birthday.

To truly celebrate the milestone, we engaged in a competitive game; it went a little along the lines of ‘who could find the hidden treasure in the cake first with nothing but your bare hands’. Yes, the competition was as messy as it sounds, requiring wet-weather ponchos and plenty of paper towels to combat the aftermath. This particular party game is a fairly new tradition (apparently popular at children’s parties) and is bound to get the whole room laughing.

Alexandra Lowe after the messy cake smash

Before, during and after the messy cake smash.

How fitting such a game was for a place like the Holdy? Lively yet relaxed, and most certainly promising of a good time, The Holdy will always be a Glenelg go-to.

Head to the Holdy this weekend, Friday 19th May – Sunday 21st of May to help celebrate with drink specials, giveaways and cake smash’s all weekend!

Images: Jade Martin

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