Adelaide MINI Garage launches the ‘Countryman’

It’s a mild, Autumn Friday night in the CBD and the Adelaide MINI garage is illuminating style and good vibrations, ready to celebrate the launch of the newest addition to the MINI collection: the ‘Countryman’.

The automatic doors slide open and it is evident that I am in a location which exudes a sense of sophistication and class. The Adelaide MINI garage has transformed from an everyday work space into an elite social environment. I’m not sure if it’s the rich smell of trimmed leather, the array of fresh delicacies or the infectious live blues music that is responsible for the lively environment. Perhaps it’s being surrounded by gorgeous European cars and the genuine smiles of passionate team members that’s ticking all the boxes.  I am dazzled within minutes, and have that feeling that MINI might just be stealing my heart this evening.

Melissa Zahorujko and Lauren Adcock, MINI COUNTRYMAN LAUNCH

Lauren and Mel at the launch of Mini’s Countryman

This is not just a celebration of a new car, it’s the recognition of a company which clearly is in a league of it’s own. With a glass of champagne in one hand and eyes fixated on what could be underneath the grey cloth in front of me, the Countryman is revealed to us in an instant. A stunning yet resilient car, the all new Countryman oozes charm and screams adventure. The car is an up-sized version of everyone’s favourite iconic original, making MINI seem not so ‘mini’ anymore.

Testing out the sleek interior mini cooper

Testing out the sleek interior

Oh yes, an opportunity for guests to sit in this car? Don’t mind if I do. Five comfortable seats, sleek interior and functional navigation options, this car has certainly been built with a versatility for exploring. I need to get me a MINI for my very own.

Well, the cold rolls are catching my eye and that champagne glass is ready for a little top up. Thanks for an awesome event MINI, what a night it has been.

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