Cheers to Lady Burra!

Lady Burra, the Adelaide CBD’s only Brewhouse, bar and kitchen was kind enough to invite The Adelaidian to attend their ‘Eat & Tweet’ in conjunction with Girl ABout Town PR for a delightful degustation dinner last Tuesday night.

We began the night mixing and mingling, taking photos, and enjoying the delicious starters: citrus marinated salmon and mozzarella stuffed chicken wings. These were served alongside our first beer, a very crisp American pale ale that went down almost too easily. As the summer nights approach, I imagine this will be a top choice for those enjoying a pint with friends after work.


Mozzarella stuffed chicken wings


Citrus marinated salmon

After everyone had nestled into their seats along the candlelit tables, our entree was served. The team started us off with a downright delicious, hearty stew, containing beans, chorizo and pork chunks for a satisfying and rather beer-suited meal. We definitely felt right at home enjoying this dish alongside our crisp American pale. After finishing what tasted like an amazing home-cooked meal at grandma’s, we couldn’t wait to see what Lady Burra had in store for our mains!


Bean stew.

The first main served was a chargrilled cod, flaked in a traditional Portuguese style and severed with ‘punched’ potatoes. The cod had an elegant texture and the potatoes were both cooked and seasoned to perfection. The second main, roasted pork leg served with roast vegetables, was my favourite. The pork was cooked immaculately and fell apart at the touch, begging to be eaten.

Irish Red Ale and Indian Pale were served alongside our mains. The Red Ale was a heartier choice, very earthy and with a twang of sweetness tucked into it. The pale ale packed a higher IBU (65), which was slightly offset with its initial fruity punch. Both were enjoyable, although I certainly preferred the red ale due to the lower IBU.


Roasted pork leg alongside chargrilled cod.

After we had cleared our plates, hunger satisfied, we were able to lean back and unwind with a refreshing Pilsner. The beer features a variety of German hops, and was similar to the American pale ale in regards to is light and crisp texture. Again, another beer that you should be on the look out for during the next few months.

The following beer, the Burra Burra White, was by far my favourite beer of the night. This cloudy beer is so light and creamy that it goes down even easier than water. As Burra Burra White is brewed with fresh orange peels, you can bet that it boasts a smooth and delicious citrus flavour. If I could only drink one beer for the rest of my life, it would be this one. Even thinking about it now has me tempted to travel back to Lady Burra and purchase an entire keg.


Beer and wine at Lady Burra!

As if the last beer lifted me into Nirvana already, it was time for dessert to be served. On the menu was a Portuguese pudding with orange and caramel sauce, as well as traditional Portuguese tarts. The best part of these desserts was that they were straightforward and delicious. There was a certain aspect of the orange and caramel sauce that didn’t suit my fancy, but that is more of a personal preference than a complaint! The tarts were an obvious favourite amongst the guests; they were light and flaky and had you wishing Lady Burra would open up a bakery next door.


Portuguese tarts.


Portuguese pudding.

The final drinks served that night, alongside dessert, were the Lady Burra Robust Porter & The ‘Sherry Me’ Brewtail. The Robust Porter combines a number of dark malts to bring about the extremely prominent flavours of coffee and chocolate, as well as a memorable aftertaste. The ‘Sherry Me’ Brewtail is a beautiful creation garnished with a shard of caramel.

Thank you to Rosa, the chef, as well as everyone over at Lady Burra for having us. They have such a cozy venue and beautiful, friendly staff to really uplift your day. This won’t be the last time that we’ll be attending Lady Burra — Especially since I’m currently planning a heist to nab all of their Burra Burra White.



Can’t get enough of Lady Burra’s beers.

All six beers mentioned here are now available on tap at Lady Burra, located in Topham Mall in the Adelaide CBD. Head down there and check it out for yourself!

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