Let’s talk about the Thuy Le x Lottie London collection

Recently, mega influencer Thuy Le joined forces with beauty powerhouse Lottie London to release her very own (and very first) range of makeup products. The collaborative collection – aptly named ‘Living My Best Life’ – features a selection of liquid lipsticks, glitter body gels and an eyeshadow palette of 14 glamorous shades.

The Launch

We were beyond excited attend the official launch party and sit down dinner held at CIRCUS LONDON the other week. Reigning true to the theme of the collaboration and everything it stands for, the night was a most lavish experience that had us truly ‘living our best lives’.

Taking our seat at a large, elongated dining table at the very front of the busy restaurant, we immediately knew we were in for a treat. Little did we know, however, our table would soon turn into the main stage for CIRCUS LONDON’s acrobatic performances – best seat in the house! The performances saw choreographed dance, aerial hoop acts and various circus acts wow the audience throughout the night.

The ‘Living Your Best Life’ theme remained consistent throughout, with a dress code insisting guests come dressed ‘Extra AF’. Naturally, we took to this theme in an instant; Mel donned a Topshop sequin mini dress and Kristen threw on her beloved red fur coat from Frio Fur. Being shown to this long table full of beautiful boys and girls with flawless faces, glittery lips and sparkling embellished outfits, it was easy to spot the table of beauty influencers, that’s for sure.

The dinner was a four-course Asian-fusion feast complete with the most divineAsiann selections. Honestly, absolutely no bias here, the food was to die for at CIRCUS. Accompanied by a glass or two of bubbly prosecco, our first starters included the crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth Circus Crackers with chilli garlic and plum sauce, and Edamame Beans with sea salt and soy mirin served delicately on ice. Next came Farmed Blue Fin Nigiri with Kizami wasabi, soy and mirin sauce with a most refreshing Hamachi Sashimi alongside Kizami wasabi, truffle, shallots, garlic and tomato salsa.

Among our favourite small plates was the rich Lobster Tempura, topped with a delightful aioli and lemon ponzu. The Chicken and Coconut Salad came served alongside a light and fresh mix of mint, coriander, spring onion, lime leaf and red chilli for a little kick. Though every single plate had taken our fancy by this point, it was Prawn and Chive Dumplings dish that took the winning medal as the best small plate. These small parcels of deliciousness occupied a soft, velvety texture, simply bursting with flavour upon each bite. The dish was served with egg drop soup and more salty soy mirin sauce.

After tucking into our mains White Miso Black Cod, Teriyaki Duck Breast and Korean BBQ Baby Chicken, we honestly didn’t think there’d be any space left in our stomachs for more. Luckily, a final performance took place upon our table (so much YES to lush men with 6 packs doing somersaults in front of us) and we had time to let our stomachs settle before the incoming Dessert Bento Box. This super sweet final touch offered up the sugary goods: Lavender and Honey Comb Cone, Coconut Dacquoise, Yuzu Parfait, Spiced Mango and Pear Parfait, Bannoffee Pie Tart and Chocolate and Caramel Layer Cake. There’s no doubt we all rolled out of that room chaperoning mega food babies.

The Collection

Now, what about the makeup you ask? Well, the lovely Thuy was ever so thoughtful and gifted each of her lucky guests a goodie box including products from the collection for us to play around with… oh, and a Thuy Le x Lottie London branded money gun that shoots out Thuy dollars :’) !

Money gun aside, we’ve been using the products for a couple weeks now and have been loving them. The Living Your Best Life Eyeshadow Palette has become our new go-to as we’ve been packing it in our bags to get ready for work or going out; it’s thin, compact and light, with a selection of warm and cold tones. Featuring a healthy balance of mattified shadows and shimmery shadows (seven of each, to be precise), this palette is totally transitional from day to night. We love using the neutral ‘Literally’ and ‘Porky’ for work wear, and a mix of ‘1M’, ‘Bishhh’ and ‘No T, No Shade’ and as our party picks.

The Glitter Switch Lipsticks definitely excited us the most, though we use them the least seeing as we don’t have the opportunity to wear them as often. We were actually very impressed with the way they came out; marketed as ‘a simple press of the lips and BOOM, glitter!’, we weren’t sure just how glittery these liquid to matte lipsticks would turn out. It really was true; applying the lip like any normal liquid to matte, with nothing much appearing different at first, we simply pressed our lips together once and BAM we were GLITTERFIED. That was some beauty science right there. The lipsticks are quite thick and cakey though, so you wouldn’t want to go continuously reapplying throughout the night.

Last but not least, the Gold Diamond Dip has happened to become an evening makeup favourite of ours. On nights when we feel like being a little extra, or simply just want to add a statement element to our finished faces, we’ve been applying a dip of this electrifying gel to the inner corners of our eyes. Other ways to use this highly versatile product would be eloquently in the cut crease, along the cheek bones for a festival look or all over the lid for a truly striking eye. You can pretty much put it anywhere you like, really.

Make sure you head to lottie.london to check out the range and perhaps pick up a product or two for your own beauty collection. For us, it has been a collection we’ve truly enjoyed using, from the functionality of the products right down to the all round fun and frivilous theme of it all.

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