Chobani Charged at Ayers House

Last weekend we woke up pumped with energy for an early morning of yoga and yoghurt with Chobani at Ayers House.

Coming in our activewear, Chobani had us #ChobaniCharged during our yoga session with a DJ mixing up some relaxing tunes and a funky fitout with colourful yoga mats lined up throughout the picturesque Ayers House conservatory.

Around the back were some fun, laidback games to wind down with such as Bocce, Croquet and Dominoes.

IMG_4679 (Large)

#ChobaniCharged set-up in Ayers House!

In the meantime, we got the chance to sample Chobani’s delicious range of Greek yoghurts coming in either a cup or a squeezy tube with or without oats included. Think refreshing flavours such as watermelon/strawberry, honey/banana, coconut (a self-professed favourite), as well as original!

Not only this, Chobani also got creative with their product, serving up a selection of different creations by incorporating their yoghurt into the likes of muffins, quiche, milkshakes and create-your-own muesli bowls.

IMG_4708 (Large)

Quiche with crispy bacon, grilled mushroom and a dollop of Chobani yoghurt on the side

IMG_4723 (Large)

Chobani museli cup and milkshake

IMG_4703 (Large)

Chobani muffins

The dishes were rich and filling breakfast options, each of them easily made at home for a healthy start to your day.

We left feeling enlivened and pleasantly full, taking home our complimentary yoga mats and water bottles, as well as seven crates of Chobani yoghurt to last us through the month! YASSSS!

And I’ve got to say, I’ve been eating the coconut yoghurt for breakfast ever since and I think am falling in love. Someone help me before I become a complete yoghurt addict!

IMG_4675 (Large)

The beginning of my love affair with Chobani…

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