Brand new club Haçienda opening this month in Adelaide

Club Hacienda The Adelaidian

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Adelaide’s party culture is undoubtedly thriving right now. Within the last year or so, small bars popping up in the west end introduce the likes of Pink Moon Saloon, La Buvette DrinkeryBank St Social and so much more, with East End just recently joining the small bar craze hosting favourites such as NOLA, Mr Goodbar and BRKLYN. We’ve had a few new nightclubs open too, with venues like Fat Controller taking Adelaide’s live music world by storm and Mary’s Poppin’ literally poppin’ into the scene with a flair like no other. But we’re left wondering… is there really any venue out there right now that seamlessly combines the perks of both a small bar and nightclub in one? Well look no further, for club Haçienda is going to do just that.

Due to open just down Synagogue Place and below Mary’s Poppin’ in Adelaide’s trendy East End, Haçienda will be more than just another nightclub. The venue aims to host the best elements of a small bar, including sophisticated cocktails, great service and the ability to have a conversation, alongside the best elements of a club like a vibing dance-floor and fun music. Expect to hear a mix of plenty of genres and eras, but certainly void of the hard stuff.

With a lot of the details remaining hush-hush for now, one thing we do know is the space is set to be fitted out by internationally renowned designer Michael Delany who has taken on multiple successful projects in Melbourne and Sydney such as Sorry Grandma!, Survivor!, Honkytonks and more. His brain is brilliant to say the least, creating innovative ideas for party spaces by truly investing his time tailoring the look and feel of any one venue. Being the first project in Adelaide Delany has ever accepted, we’re beyond excited to see the outcome.

I didn’t know a lot about the Adelaide scene before I came over, but it has been great to check out all the great new bars and venues. It seems to me everybody is DTP!

We asked Delany about the inspiration behind Haçienda’s fit out and interior deco, to which he replied: “The space itself I found really inspiring and I guess my main aim was to bring back the great features of the historic building, and to make a venue that is truly world class.”

“I didn’t know a lot about the Adelaide scene before I came over, but it has been great to check out all the great new bars and venues. It seems to me everybody is DTP! Coming from Sydney where the lock out has been devastating, it’s really great to see people having fun.”

That’s right Michael, we certainly are down-to-party… and what better way to fuel our rave habits than to open a brand new club exuding vibes similar to that of an ‘international party palace’! With an interior that is both spacious yet still intimate and encompassing a couple of different rooms rather than just one, Haçienda is servicing all kinds of late-night party needs in a way that’s inherently different to other nightclubs in Adelaide.

The club is due to open THIS MONTH people, so get your party pants on (if you ever took them off) and prepare yourself for a super fiesta at Haçienda!

[Note: Hacienda opened in May 2016 and is still serving Adelaide with strong party vibes]

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