Club Surrender

Surrender, a new micro-nation located in the Intercontinental Hotel Plaza, offers Australian residents an alternative to the bland reality we’ve had forced down our throats by Tony Abbott and the rest of the clowns up in parliament.


Offering it’s residents the chance to renounce their Australian citizenship and start anew in a nation that promises entertainment, fine wines, endless frivolity and the ability to declare our love for each other with reckless abandon, Surrender seems to appeal to everything young adults want, which is probably why they all end up hanging out there.


The Adelaidian took a short holiday down there the first Friday it opened it’s docks to refugees, and it was indeed a spectacular spectacle. After walking past the Abbott-Proof Fence we were granted admission and instantly given access to flowing food and drinks. Stable Hill Wines had opened up shop inside this new nation, and offered a wide variety of beverages to the public. The cocktail list was also extensive, offering the President Doctor YaYa’s own creations.


There were stalls and markets dotted around, the most alluring of which offered makeovers into Surrender’s traditional cultural getup. This included painting your face with glue, face planting into a bowl of glitter, sticking various objects on the remaining parts of your face, and finally donning a giant hat and robe. The dressed-up Doctor Yaya minions were also lucky to be screened on The Project, Channel 10, to thousands of viewers nationwide during the launch.


Each night Surrender offers up the best of its citizens on the music scene, including Late Nigh Tuff Guy, J Rocc & Kano, and Total Eclipse.


If you haven’t been down to the riverbank to check out the latest creation from the Barrio crew, you should probably grab your passport and mosey on down before it closes at the end of the Fringe.


Full Lineup
Friday 20th February
 – Dexter & Late Nite Tuff Guy
Saturday 21st February – Crucial Social Sound featuring A13, Jelly Fish, Dexter and his brother in arms DJ Kuya
Sunday 22nd February – J Rocc & Kano
Friday 27th February – Mad Racket featuring Simon Caldwell, Ken Cloud & Jimmi James
Saturday 28th February – DJ Muro (Disco Set)
Sunday 1st March – DJ Muro (Hip-Hop/Soul Set)
Friday 6th March – Macky Banton & Stryka D, Turbo Felx with DJ Muskrat
Saturday 7th March – Ali B
Sunday 8th March – Alexander Dimitriades AKA Boogie Monster
Friday 13th March – Total Eclipse
Saturday 14th March – Dirty House Party featuring HMC
Sunday 15th March – LTJ Bukem

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