A taste of Levantine cuisine at Ceru London

Located in both South Kensington and Soho, Ceru is a restaurant dedicated to bringing Londoners a taste of the sunny Levant region. Combining the flavours of Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria and more, Ceru’s menu contains nearly 100 ingredients and over 20 spices. That’s a whooole lotta good meze and hummus incoming.

Recently, we had the pleasure of dining in at the cosy Soho location with a group of close friends. Targeting a distinct middle eastern vibe inside, we particularly loved the patterned cushions – like something out of a Turkish flea market – and the intricately tiled bathrooms. Warm, dim lighting coated sandstone coloured walls and painted pottery decorated the back bar. The attention to detail in interior decor added another level to the experience, but the food was what truly made our time memorable.

Feeling rather hungry that day, we ordered a pretty indulgent spread of starters and mains. Of course, no good Levantine meal is complete without hummus, so we treated ourselves to a generous entree plate alongside a couple of other dips with flatbread. We tucked into squishy grilled halloumi and red peppers, drizzled in a spicy harissa dressing.

The honey and rose scented lamb kebabs were soft, juicy and satisfying, complete with a crisp herb yoghurt dressing. And, naturally, we were drawn to the chargrilled king prawns being the sea-foodies we are, but it was actually the flavour-packed chermoula coconut dressing that made this dish a favourite of ours.

At this point, it became very clear that Ceru’s dips and sauces are very much a specialty, so it came as no surprise when we fell in love with the Lamb Shoulder dish. Definitely the winner of the night, this 5 hour slow roasted plate of tender deliciousness was cooked in Ceru’s secret blend of 12 Shawarma spices and came topped with this fresh pomegranate, mint and pistachio sauce, adding a serious kick to the overall flavour profile. It offered a kind of sweet and sour zestiness that paired so seamlessly with the fatty lamb shoulder, adding quite a sharp element to an otherwise very rich, gamy tasting dish.

How gorgeous is the ornamental tableware? Levantine cuisine at Ceru Restaurants London.

How gorgeous is the ornamental tableware?

Click the link here to read Ceru’s all day menu and get a little taste of what’s on offer. It’s a great shared dining experience, so we’d recommend getting a group together and ordering an abundance of plates to graze on. The menu itself is not overly expensive either, so you won’t end up breaking the bank over it!

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