Evan Desmarais presents ‘I Like Me’

evan desmarais

This week, Canadian comedian Evan Desmarais had us in hysterics during his Fringe show ‘I Like Me’ and, for the most part, we weren’t really sure why we were laughing so damned hard. Maybe it’s the googly eyes, the prolonged stares… Who knows.

Held at The Piglet in Gluttony, ‘I Like Me’ is a show Evan dedicated to hating yourself, liking yourself, loving yourself or pretty much all of the above at once. He spent a lot of his time on stage lifting up his t-shirt and talking to the random little patch of hair on his stomach which he had learned to love. Sure, it was weird, but that’s exactly why it worked.

We had a couple of tame hecklers in the front row, and one really odd drunk man who just kept making obscure noises throughout the show that sounded like ‘YIP’, ‘WOO’, ‘YE’ etc. Thinking quick on his feet, Evan made his fair share of of witty comebacks, which had us super impressed with his audience interaction and ability to freestyle jokes one after the other.

Evan has probably been one of the funniest, quick-witted and confident comedians we’ve seen this year at Fringe. I don’t think there was, at any point, a time where I was not smiling throughout the show; the man’s clearly a natural on stage.

Tonight and tomorrow night at 10:10PM are the last times Evan’s will be showing ‘I Like Me’ this Fringe Festival. To get your hands on some tickets, click here.

We rate: ★★★★ 4/5 stars

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