In awe of LIMBO Unhinged

Limbo unhinged

Central to the smoky stage of LIMBO Unhinged sat an ominous red door which had us wondering: What could be behind itWhat do the cast of LIMBO have in store for us this year at Adelaide Fringe?

The atmosphere was truly electric as we gazed on in awe at the unbelievable talent emerging from that lone red door; sensual dancing, live music, impeccable acrobatics, comedic miming, tap-dancing, singing, sword-swallowing, limb dislocating… LIMBO Unhinged really had it all.

We could hardly fathom the complete fluidity in the dance and acrobatic movements performed by each member of the LIMBO cast, particularly when one of the male cast managed to do a back-flip in what seemed to look like slow-motion – it was as if our eyes were playing tricks on us.

The couple dance at the beginning was one of our favourite acts of the night; there was such chemistry and emotion between both dancers, it had us unable to tear our eyes from the dynamic duo. They worked together so damn effortlessly and were so strong with their technique that they almost seemed superhuman!

Costuming was another highlight with pieces such as quirky harnesses, top hats, feathered headdresses, metallic neckpieces, decorated eye patches and sexy corsets making an appearance onstage. Each character embodied a sense of power and pride, looking phantasmagorical in their unique designs like models out of an early Alexander McQueen runway.

There was something truly magical about LIMBO Unhinged. It harnesses a sense of darkness and mystery, alongside an inevitably alluring vibe which captures your attention every second of the show. It is unfortunate that we’ve not actually seen the original LIMBO so we have no means of comparison, however we can only imagine the glory of it all!

LIMBO Unhinged is showing until the very end of Adelaide Fringe Festival, click the link here to buy tickets and find out more information.

We rate: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Image: The Garden of Unearthly Delights

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