The First Fashion Concept

Just last week, a unique, new runway show premiered at the Nexus Multicultural Arts Theatre, featuring some iconic pieces created by solely local designers.

The show, Fashion Concept, was sponsored by the wonderful Kelly Noble of Glam Adelaide, alongside the likes of Splash Adelaide and elite local modelling agency FTM Model Management.

Amazing designer and entrepreneur, Hue Le, organised the exciting event with the hopes of raising local awareness and exposure for Adelaide fashion labels. The initiative brought a total of fourteen different Adelaidian designers together under the one roof, including some recognisable names as well as brand new ones.

The full designer list is as follows:

  • NaMoi
  • Georgia Guy
  • Marija Mita
  • Ashlee Graham
  • Closet Mod
  • Yvone Raye
  • Millicent Elizabeth
  • Williow & Grace
  • Atlas the Label
  • Created Range
  • Jean Corporation
  • Fools and Trolls
  • Olivia Nicole
  • Maria Rasimoglou

Upon arrival, guests were welcomed into quite a small, enclosed space, lit by soft, yellow fairy lights and dimmed lamps. The tight-knit room made for a somewhat comfortable environment, influencing the crowd to mix and mingle with one another before parade commencement.

After a few rounds of complimentary drinks, gift bags and networking, guests were seated and the show began with host Kelly Noble taking to the stage in a classy, black Willow & Grace cocktail dress.

IMG_9165 (Medium)

Opening the show was label Millicent Elizabeth, showcasing a primarily monochromatic collection of business-style pants, skirts and dresses each encompassing their own edgy flair such as a crop cut, pleated pant or v-shape waist band. Despite a rather traditional sounding name, the Millicent Elizabeth collection was entirely contemporary and trendy; the pieces were perfect to dress up or down and definitely a favourite of ours from the night.

IMG_8917 (Medium)

Another standout designer, ATLAS the Label, featured a similar range to that of Millicent Elizabeth, focusing on monochrome pieces with a flair. However, a bright turquoise flared pant added a bit of colour to the black-and-white collection, being showcased as a statement clothing item. We can definitely see this household name going far in the fashion industry.

IMG_9158 (Medium)

Although womenswear was prevalent in the designer showcase, there were some staple menswear brands that participated in the event, adding a bit of versatility to the show.

Ethical clothing label, Fools and Trolls and Created Range incorporated some bright, funky mens streetwear pieces into their showcase with colourful flat caps, hand-printed tees and patterned shorts. It is definitely a great collection for younger men looking to build themselves an alternative-style wardrobe.

IMG_9214 (Medium)

During intervals, guests were treated to a star performance by Sarah Lloyde of The Voice 2012 and a cultural belly dance act by Nayima Hassan.

IMG_9250 (Medium)

The crowd were taken back in time, viewing 60’s inspired designs from Closet Mod and 80’s inspired designs from Yvonne Faye. By also showcasing handcrafted shoes from Maria Rasimoglou and selected handbags from Olivia Nicole, incorporating dance and routine into particular showcases, Fashion Concept gave the audience a unique fashion experience and certainly one anticipated for the future.

IMG_9196 (Medium)

As for the next Fashion Concept, we have no inside deets as of yet, but can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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