Fierce fashion at Adelaide’s Carnevale Festival

Some of the most exciting aspects to immersing yourself in another culture is indulging in the food, wine, and scoping out the art and fashion scenes; what better way to do it than at a festival! This weekend just passed, Adelaide Showgrounds played host to the annual Italian Festival Carnevale. It was a hub for everything Italian, and there was certainly a lot of romance in the air along with the alluring scent of freshly cooked pasta.

Despite all the delicious food and wine stalls, we were all about the fabulous Festival Fashion Show at Carnevale this year. The runway perfectly captured the charm and glamour that Italy represents through pieces created by local Australian designers. We’re talking soft, sheer fabrics, traditional silks, fiery reds, and glitter… EVERYWHERE!

So many sparkles! We're in love!

So many sparkles! We’re in love!

The runway was organised by the renowned Adelaide based designer Siedana, who also showcased some of their stunning ensembles. The gorgeous models from Kalou Models were dolled up by Gecko Hair in collaboration with Mobile Make-up and Leanne Jones. The looks were – of course – Italian-inspired, encompassing soft waves and a statement red lip to add that classic Sofia Loren touch of beauty.

This year’s show captivated the audience in what was a sea of shimmer and gold that could catch the eye from a mile away. Some of the crowd favourites featured long, princess like dresses with trains floating elegantly across the floor, flared sleeves, and the flattering plunge neck. The unique and sophisticated designs also sought to showcase the undeniable talent here in Adelaide. Fashion graduate and style queen, Gemma Cassar, was one of the young entrepreneurial designers participating in the fashion show. Despite having only graduated in 2016, Cassar has been actively pursuing her dream fashion career; we can confirm that her dresses are nothing short of amazing, reflecting a stunning talent for couture.

In addition to the imperial style gowns, the runway combined sleek formal options for men, adorable little party dresses for children, and some vibrant, casual-wear spring pieces by designer Katherine Kelly Lang. Who doesn’t love a well-rounded runway!

One of the many beautiful gowns from the Carnevale Festival Fashion Show.

One of the many beautiful gowns from the Carnevale Festival Fashion Show.

We also saw pieces by Atelier Milano, Chaos, Incomplete Desire, and last but not least, streetwear sensations Son One Neo. A huge congratulations to all the familiar and new designers who bought their pieces to life on this year’s runway!


Photography by Liberty Petersen

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