Our first nightclubbing experience in London: Attending Tonteria’s new Thursday’s launch

We’re the unmistakable newbies in town, yet we’re already loving what London has to offer. Exploring an amazing fashion scene, diverse community of people and endless bar and restaurant recommendations, we’re discovering something new every day in this vibrant city.

While we had been doing our fair share of sight-seeing and city adventures, a facet we had not yet properly broken into was the London nightclubbing scene. One might argue it the most important facet of them all, depending on who you speak with… and how much they love a drink or two.

If London wasn’t lively enough during the day (which, let us tell you, it is), the city sure as hell thrives during the night. The hospitality scene is expansive and versatile, with something to suit just about everyone from just about anywhere. From what we had come to gather of London’s most renowned central nightclubs, you can expect a night of theatrical experiences, heavy drinking and dressing to impress. It’s just plain extra.

Oooh, did someone say extra? Well, being the kind of girls we are, I guess you could say we wouldn’t have it any other way. Any excuse to dress in thigh-high booties and lacy bodices has got us in a heartbeat. So, that we did as we head over to the launch of Tonteria‘s new Thursday night, The Thursday Ritual, for our very first London clubbing experience.

Tonteria is a popular nightspot located just off Sloane Square in Chelsea. Renowned for its ‘Mexican Fiesta’ theme, the nightclub offers risque burlesque performances, Mexican tapas for tables and, of course, tequilaaaa. The flowing frozen margaritas were also a notable favourite of ours.

Everything about the club’s interior was – again – extra to the max. A gigantic sugar skull occupied the DJ booth and acted as the central point for an energetic dance floor, with a decorative bar not too far away and practically within arms reach of your next beverage. As a club that was physically smaller in size, this made room for more intimate party vibes, and also made it easier to see the performances. Definitely ideal!

On the topic of performances, one thing you’d notice about Tonteria as soon as you hop onto any of their social media platforms is the glittery theatrics involved. Jewelled lingerie sets, face-paint, feather headdresses and bottles of Ciroc shooting sparklers all make an appearance on their Facebook page. The new Thursday nights see no different, with tapas beginning at 8PM and the ‘madness’ taking off from 11PM. Gosh, London’s clubbing theatrics is like our new favourite thing. Australia needs more clubs like this.

Thank you to The Lifestyle Agency for inviting us! For those now wanting to know more about Tonteria, you can follow through to their website here or to their Facebook here. And if you’re wondering whether we’re paying the club another visit whilst here in London, the answer is a most definite yes. Only next time we’re wearing sequins.


Images: Tonteria FB Page

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