Get Tingly with Frank Bod’s new Peppermint Scrub

We’ve been #frankfurts since the Frank Body craze started, way back when people first began flooding Instagram feeds with shower pics covered in coffee scrub. When the lovely team over at Frank offered to send us some of their new Peppermint Coffee Scrub we couldn’t have been more excited.


Packaged as a ‘Fit Kit’, the little box contained the new scrub as well as their Body Balm, a favourite of ours that we’ve used in the past. The new scrub contains roasted and ground Robusta coffee, as well as green coffee beans, peppermint oil, olive oil and aloe vera, while the Body Balm is an oily blend of coconut oil and Arabica coffee seed oil.

The addition of peppermint oil is designed to flush pores out after a workout and soothe aching muscles with a fresh, tingly feeling. We tried it in the shower after a solid sesh at Aleenta Barre and felt so relaxed and fresh we left it on for an extra long time!


If you’re a gym gal and love that feeling when you wash all the sweat away in the shower after, we would definitely recommend Frank’s Peppermint Body Scrub. It’s the perfect, natural way to get that minty, after-workout freshness super quick!

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