Getting shady with Maui Jim

Hailing from the vibrant island of Hawaii comes a sunglass brand designed specifically to make life more colourful, while protecting your eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

Maui Jim have four types of lenses and over 125 frames, each suited to different activities and lifestyles. These unique lenses were inspired by the beauty of Maui, and a desire to see life in brilliant colour without sacrificing the health of your eyes.

When we first tried on our Maui Jim sunglasses, we were shocked. We didn’t even know what we’d been missing out on, always prioritising the style of our sunglasses over the quality.

They’re much lighter and brighter than any other polarises lenses we’ve tried before, and we love the sleek, sophisticated style of the frames.

If you usually choose fashionable frames over protective like we used to, it can actually be worse for your eyes than wearing no sunglasses at all. Lenses with no protection dilate your pupils and let in more UVA and UVB light than usual, causing long-term damage. The sun is also the number one factor that ages your skin, so all those fine lines that form around your eyes? They can be prevented for longer by wearing a proper pair of polarised sunglasses.

Mel was sent Sunshine in White Tokyo with Gloss and Kristen was sent Coco Palms in Tokyo Turquoise. These have been our go-to sunnies ever since we’ve received them, and you can pop into a number of pharmacies and sunglass shops like Sunglass Hut in the Myer Centre to try them on for yourself.

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