Guylian release new blocks with wrapped portions

Guylian introduce new individually-wrapped portions

If you’re like us and have a serious chocolate addiction, Guylian might have just launched something that will change your life. Rather than opening a whole block of chocolate and devouring half (ok, the whole) thing, Guylian’s new chocolate blocks are divided into four individually-wrapped portions, as per serving size.

Yes, we could just buy those bags of individually-wrapped chocolates, but we feel they always work out to be way more expensive, and a block of chocolate is just a better option. It’s no secret eating too much chocolate isn’t good for you, so Guylian’s new block design might just be the thing that prevents us from dying of a sugar overdose one day.

Not only are the individually-wrapped portion sizes better for you, they’re also better for the environment. The unique wrapping uses 75% less CO2 to produce compared to traditional aluminium foil, so you can eat your chocolate and feel good about the environment.

Guylian introduce new individually-wrapped portions

There are four popular flavours available in the new wrapped bar style, including Creamy Milk, Premium Dark 72%, Hazelnut and Premium Dark 72% with Raspberry. Not only are they super delicious, they’re also made with 100% sustainable cocoa, with Guylian aiming to have its entire range made from sustainable cocoa by 2025. 99% of Guylian’s products are also palm oil free, making them not only taste better, but be a better choice environmentally as well.

Our fave flavour is definitely the Premium Dark 72% with Raspberry, but you can try them out for yourself an decide on yours by picking a block up at your local IGA or other Guylian stockists.

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