Half Hour Hamlet


Half Hour Hamlet.

Need I explain any further? If you’ve ever been too lazy to wrap your mind around the complex Elizabethan vocabulary in Shakespeare’s work, fear no more- this short and sweet show will break down the basics for you!

Patrick Hercamp’s enthralling fast-paced solo performance had the audience shouting and laughing with every scene. Perfect for everyone with a short attention span (including myself), the show was bitter-sweetly brief. While covering the key focus points in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hercamp was able to mix his eccentric humour and personality into the half hour act, as well as making it suitable for all ages.

In a cosy and warm atmosphere in The Producer’s garden, Hercamp franticly portrayed each tragic death (with an encouraged “ooh dead” from the crowd) from the play, adding his own twist of modern terminology to the historic piece. The venue was perfectly furnished with snug, velvet couches and vibrant chairs that complimented the vintage Shakespearean era.

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Hercamp effortlessly depicted the ambiance of the Adelaide Fringe in the short time slot he was given, managing to gain full involvement from a humble audience as well as a hearty round of applause at the end.

Half Hour Hamlet is perfect for all audiences, even those who fall short of focus or don’t have a particularly large interest in theatre. You can catch Patrick Hercamp’s swift adaptation of Hamlet every evening at 5:30pm until the 13th March at The Producers Garden on Grenfell.

Tickets range from $11.50 to $18 for single tickets and $43 for a family and can be purchased here.


Image: Adelaide Fringe Festival

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