Handmade noodles in action at Chang’An Noodles Chatswood

Located in Chatswood Interchange, Chang’An Noodles may be a bit of a distance from Sydney’s CBD, but it is well worth the trek. This stylish Chinese restaurant offers some of the freshest handmade noodles in Sydney and we seriously can’t get enough of them.

Chatswood Interchange itself is quite a cool and upcoming little hub. If you haven’t been before, the first time visit is such a treat! Bringing together a variety of Asian-style restaurants, dessert bars, and cafes, you can find quite the assortment of delectables here. Think frozen tea, liquid nitrogen gelato, world-renowned pancakes and, of course, handmade noodles!


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Arriving in Chang’An, you are greeted with sleek black marble tabletops, red-painted walls, and distinct Chinese interior features. Soothing Chinese music plays softly in the background. It’s a very modern fit out, while still paying homage to Chinese traditions.

The menu itself is contained to just one side of an A3 paper. It’s a succinct, easy-to-navigate menu with colourful pictures aiding you in making a decision. Everything sounded absolutely divine, but we ended up ordering two of the noodles and two sides to share. That’s the Chang’An Oil Chili Noodles, the Qishan Meat Sauce Noodles (in soup), the Fried Tofu, and the Chinese Hamburg.

After ordering, an open kitchen allows you to watch your noodles being handmade in action. If you also haven’t seen the process of Chinese noodles being shaped before, it’s quite a pretty cool sight to see. The chef kneads the dough over and over, then begins pulling at it, turning it into a gigantic singular noodle. He twists and turns the gigantic noodle, making all kinds of cool shapes. It kind of looks like a noodle dance! Eventually, he slices the gigantic noodle into several pieces of much tinier noodle and — tada! — your noodles are finito.

And yes, they taste just as good as they look. We both ordered the same, thick style of noodle, but there are different styles you can order, too. You can have it skinnier and thinner, if you like. With a satisfying density and texture, they really hold so much flavour and have the perfect bite!

We equally loved our sides. The Fried Tofu had a crunchy exterior paired with soft, velvety interior. It was an excellent balance and the peanut and jam-style sauces were super complementary. We also thought the Chinese Hamburg looked interesting on Instagram, so we gave it a shot. Tender pulled pork meets a crunchy bread bun — yum!

You can find Chang’An Noodles at Pavilion 2 & 3 in Chatswood Interchange, 436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood. While you’re there, it’s definitely worth popping into one of the other shops for dessert after dinner, too.

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