Hans Blesses us with a Spice Girls Party

Twenty years ago, the greatest cinematic masterpiece of the 90s was released, and Spiceworld graced our movie screens and boxy TVs for the first time. While many might still have a shiny, plastic-encased VHS tape sitting in prime position in their TV cabinet, there’s nothing like reliving an iconic movie on the big screen.

Hans, the one and only boy wonder from Germany, has heard our prayers. On Friday June 30, he is hosting a girl-power-fueled Spice Girls Party at the Capri Theatre. The glitzy event will feature a screening of Spiceworld, as well as Spice Girls themed drinks, a fabulous raffle and a costume competition for the best Ginger, Scary, Sporty, Baby and Posh.

The event is fundraising money for Hans to take his glittery Mein Camp show to the UK, so you can party in PVC platforms while knowing you’re doing our friends across the pond a favour. It would be simply criminal to deny Edinburgh and London the delightful experience of seeing how good our German boy looks in bedazzled hot pants.

Hans is a man of many talents, so we can only hope he will warm up the legendary Capri organ and give his fans a the musical experience of a lifetime. So dust off your Union Jack mini, contact the girls in your personal Spice Girls group (we all have one) and click here to buy tickets.

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