I’m In Love with the Coco(nut Water)

King Coconut Water, served with Green or Black Tea, is the latest and greatest product hailing from T Bar Tea Salon on Gouger Street, and is a refreshingly crisp, natural entrant into the local beverage market.

What separates King Coconut Water from the crowd is its simplistic ingredients; the highly prized King Coconut Water comes in its natural form, meaning it is an excellent re-hydrant free of preservatives and caffeine.

King Coconuts are grown in the pristine beauty of Sri Lanka, and put quite simply, they are the most sought after of all coconuts (hence the name King Coconut!). For hundreds of years, Sri Lankans have enjoyed the refreshing and natural taste of this restorative beverage, which is now likely to become a hit hydration choice in Adelaide!

For those searching for a truly organic product, free of preservatives and caffeine, the rejuvenating and delicious King Coconut Water is the beverage for you! King Coconut Water with Green or Black Tea is simply the only choice for those seeking a healthy alternative, whether it be to replenish natural electrolytes after a hard gym workout, a thirst quencher under the heat of the sun or even as an evening mixer.

To learn more about Adelaide’s popular Tbar Tea Salon, visit their official website here. Alternatively, to find out more about the King Coconut product, you can view the product Facebook page here.

Images sourced: King Coconut Water Facebook page

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