What’s New This Year At Asiafest

This year Asiafest returns with a much bigger melting hotpot of cultures than ever before. Running from the 2nd to the 11th of October, the creative team behind the festival chose to take some big risks with new aspects of the festival, and we’re certain they’re going to pay off.

After the success of last year’s Asiafest, the duration of the festival has been extended to ten days, which means there are tonnes of new aspects to the festival this year. The Festival Director, Greg Evangelou was overwhelmed with the response from last year, and wanted to see it grow and expand this year.

“Last year saw almost 20,000 people through the gates of Asiafest’s first year in just two days. By extending the Festival this year, we are giving more South Australians the chance to experience the richness and beauty of the Asian culture.” Says Mr Evangelou.


The Asiafest Bicycle

Each country represented in the festival will have their own section, inside which food and performances unique to that country will be on offer. The five countries that are involved are Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Japan, with a special ‘Melting Pot‘ section that aims to replicate the backstreet markets of Hong Kong.

Two new features we’re looking forward to are the Floating Markets, and Kho Pha Ngan Beach. The Floating Markets will be held on the lake in the middle of Rymill Park, and aim to replicate the floating markets Vietnam is famous for. These markets will sell typical Vietnamese goods, like coconuts, straw hats, desserts and various other knick knacks.


Kho Pha Ngan Beach will be where you can go to play Palm Beach Volleyball, or relax in this little slice of Thailand with a cocktail from Cocoloco Cocktail Bar served in a fresh coconut or pineapple. This is also where the eagerly-anticipated Full Moon Party Music Festival will be held, with DJ MaRLo and Havana Brown headlining, supported by a number of talented local DJs. The Full Moon Party plans to replicate the traditions of the original Thai Full Moon Parties, with heavy emphasis on fluro clothing, glow sticks and drinking buckets, but in a safer environment.

Plenty of entertainment will be available at Asiafest, with comedy acts Karate Chop Teriyaki and Phil and Me headlining, as well as six stand-up comedy shows and a comedy gala. Traditional dancing and cooking demonstrations will also be on show, as well as martial arts performances, fruit carving and cosplay parades.

Takoyaki Cooked Fresh By Masaaki Higashioka

Takoyaki Cooked Fresh By Masaaki Higashioka

Everyone secretly knows that despite the insane amount of cultural entertainment available at Asiafest, the most exciting aspect is always the food. Anyone who’s travelled to Asia will know Adelaide prides itself on having a high standard of Asian food available right here, and Asiafest made sure the best of those restaurant and cafes are serving food inside the festival. Some of the delicious food available will be fresh sushi from Sushi Planet, piping hot takoyaki from Takoyaki by Kokochi, and for those who are game, Deep Fried Bugs will be there to give you that authentic Thailand feel.

The festival boasts free entry on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and tickets for other days start at a measly $15, or $10 if you’re a student. Come past and visit this unique event that promises to bring Asia to Adelaide!

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