Of Dreamers and Dancers Launch

Yesterday marked the launch of the whimsical and oh-so effervescent Of Dreamers and Dancers local jewellery label, designed by talented creative director Rebbeca Minervini herself.

The new luxury label features some elegant, bohemian-inspired pieces, appropriately suited to the 1970’s boho-chic looks we’ll see trending this Spring/Summer 2015.

“Of Dreamers and Dancers is a brand that revolves around an affection for life, love and travel,” Rebecca explains.

“My objective is to connect with customers who share these same ideals and live life to its fullest, pursuing dreams and choosing to dance in every moment.”

VIP guests had the chance to browse through and try on Rebecca’s premier collection ‘Night Reign‘, inclusive of the Moments at Midnight statement necklace, signature ring sets and bracelet duos.

IMG_0655 (Large)

Moments at Midnight statement necklace

Various statement pieces were also being modelled by the gorgeous girls from Hermes Models, gracefully showcasing the different ways in which to wear this fine set of costume jewellery.

Each unique piece is metallic plated alloy, some of which beset semi-precious stones such as Onyx, Turqoise and Agate, as well as renowned Swarovski crystals.

The plating comes in either a classic nine carat yellow gold, fashionable nine carat rose gold or sparkling rhodium.

Special goodie bags were set aside for guests to collect at the end of the launch party, each containing a hand-poured limited edition Chloe Jane candle in collaboration with Of Dreamers and Dancers.

IMG_0668 (Large)

Rose gold, yellow gold or rhodium. Take your pick!

Dare to be different and shop online now to order your very own Of Dreamers and Dancers designer piece, complimenting any outfit on a night out. To top it off, each order comes packaged in a copper pressed aluminum box and satin pouch with branded copper tags, completing the ultimate Of Dreamers and Dancers experience!

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