In Essence brings a touch of wellness to your daily routine

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Things are well and truly ramping up, events are non-stop and silly season is just around the corner (some may argue we’re already in it). If you’re anything like me, you may be feeling a little stressed about it all, especially as we come out of a slower pandemic environment.

But as we all know, stressing out won’t fix anything. This is the most important time of year to check in with yourself and make sure you’re treating your health and wellness with respect, no matter how crazy your schedule gets! Of course, there isn’t always the time for a soothing bubble bath or professional massage. There are, however, ways you can incorporate wellness into your day-to-day routine. Even the smallest of changes can make all the difference.

One change I have made recently is introducing aromatherapy into my routine. I’ve been using Australian Aromatherapy brand, In Essence, getting the opportunity to try out some of their latest products through a gifted collaboration. Their Wellbeing Roll-On Set has already become a staple part of my self-care routine!

If you aren’t already familiar with aromatherapy, it’s essentially using oils for a therapeutic benefit. When inhaled, the scent travels through the olfactory system (your sense of smell) and straight to your brain, which is said to have calming effects. In Essence offer a variety of products to cater to this therapeutic practice, but the Wellbeing Roll-On Set has to be my favourite.

The thing about me is that I am always on the go. Having some form of aromatherapy that is compact and travel-friendly is key. The Roll-On Set features three roll-on oils in a little zip wallet, which you can choose to carry around as a collective or use each one separately. I like to keep an oil at my desk at the office, one on my WFH desk, and one in my bag for if I’m headed out in the evening or travelling abroad.

While I can’t speak for a direct correlation between de-stressing and the oils themselves, I can certainly speak for the instant calm effect they provide in real-time. There’s just something about inhaling a nice scent; it’s simply pleasant, and you can definitely improve your overall environment if at least one of your senses is having a good ol’ time.

By the way, In Essence makes a great gift idea if you’re really really organised and are already planning your Christmas shopping (seriously, I’m jealous if your life is that put together). Hop online and check out the full range now to kickstart your own aromatherapy journey! Your mental health will thank you for it.

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