Introducing the new Puella Decora lipstick range for all skin tones

So many makeup companies focus solely on producing lipstick shades for a small group of women, forgetting that there are loads of other skin tones and identities out there searching for the perfect shade.

The founder of Puella Decora, Nikita Singh, saw a gap in the market and set about creating a line of liquid-to-matte lipsticks with a variety of nudes and pinks to suit a whole range of people.

“I wanted to create quality beauty products at an affordable price for all consumers. And when I say all-consumers, ALL is exactly what I mean.” She said.

The Adelaidian was recently sent the range to try out, so we picked out some of our favourite colours to play around with. Kristen tried the vivacious ‘Zoria’, a bright pink that had slight orange undertones on her skin. She also tested out ‘Lakshmi’, which dried to a dark-brown on her skin tone with soft beige undertones. Mel loved the ‘Indra’ shade which was a deep, more brown-toned red that simply added a subtle sense of seduction to any outfit she tried on.

As well as being liquid-to-matte, the lipsticks are also waterproof, meaning they literally stay on all day. If you’re finding it a little hard to get it off at the end of the day, we used an oil-based cleanser to remove the colour without drying our lips out.

Puella Decora’s lipsticks aren’t tested on animals, which is another amazing thing about this brand. You can shop the lipsticks at $22 each on their website here.

Photography by Callum Jackson

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