First Impressions Vlog: ITW Instant Teeth Whitening

Recently we were sent the new Instant Teeth Whitening (ITW) kits to try out. After creating moulds of our teeth and sending them off to be made into personalised whitening trays, we decided to make a video of us trying them out for the first time.

The kit comes with two trays for your teeth, three syringes of whitening product, and a little pack consisting of a toothbrush, mirror and towel to help with application and cleaning.

For the first week it’s recommended you wear the trays for 90 minutes per day, and then after that as often as you feel you need to maintain your new, pearly whiteness. We only used ours for 40 minutes on the first go as we were getting used to them, however you can wear them for as little or as long as feels comfortable!

If you wanted to try ITW, you can purchase the kit yourself from their website here.

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