Irish Queen of Drag Panti Bliss comes to Fringe

Panti Bliss The Adelaidian

Let the glamorous Panti Bliss take you on a journey of the mind this year at Adelaide Fringe Festival with her show ‘High Heels in Low Places’, touching upon topics surrounding LGBTIQ rights in a way that will have your bum glued to your seat and your ears pricked up for every word.

Ireland’s ‘Queen of Drag’ is a vision to say the least; a slim, hourglass figure complimented by a sparkling red ball gown and voluminous blonde locks had all of us straight girls in serious envy of Panti’s world-class looks, that’s for sure. But no, she’s not just a pretty face. Nor is she ‘just another sassy drag queen’… There’s a reason Panti Bliss is the poster-girl for gay rights in her home country!

In her Fringe show, Panti enlightens us with knowledge and makes us look at gay rights issues from points of view we’ve never considered before. At one point, she discussed the way in which attitudes have evolved so that homophobics are now the victims of homophobia, no longer those who are actually homosexual, which had us mind blown over how true this actually is.

Panti engages conversation in living with HIV, dressing in drag and the attitude’s of communities towards it, gay marriage and adopting, as well as making a number of hilarious jokes and jabs throughout. She does so in a way that oozes a sense of class and authority, whilst also striving to make everyone in the room feel comfortable and as if they are being personally addressed.

Wrapping up with a dramatic lip sync in tradition of true drag, Panti’s audience are left with a feeling entertained and inspired – an eye-opening drag performance at it’s very best.

We rate: ★★★★ 4/5 stars


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