Is Vintage the New Black?

The latest trend we are seeing circulate the streets is that of the vintage tee. A chic and stylish look, the vintage tee has been revamped over the past few years and now we are seeing it everywhere. From runway to hallway, anyone and everyone can rock this fashionable, yet affordable look.

A black vintage tee should be a staple item in your wardrobe as it goes with any outfit you can put together. Giving you those biker-chic vibes, this look is definitely becoming a trend we are seeing more of and, hopefully, it stays for a while! As the vintage tee is versatile and goes with anything, you really only need a few in your wardrobe and can outfit-repeat without anyone realising.

Wondering what to wear your vintage tee with? It’s always good to match the vintage tee with the vintage trend, so opt for denim jeans, connies or vans, a leather jacket and a topknot! However, we are seeing this trend appear in more high-end retailers and events, so you can always pair it with heels, a mini skirt or even under a silk slip dress. As long as you own the tee and make it work for you, then your style will come on its own accord.

The best part? You can purchase a vintage tee from anywhere without spending all your rent money in one hit! In fact, the best vintage tees can be found at your local op-shop. So grab your loose change and source those tees.

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Vintage really is the new black, and we love it.


Images: Pinterest

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