Jackson Vs Jackson: The Adelaide Fringe

Are you ready to blame it on the boogie?

The title of this show is perhaps a little misleading, as this certainly isn’t about comparing or competing with one another.

In fact, Jackson Vs Jackson is really just a tribute to two incredible talents—put together by a huge cast whose adoration for Michael and Janet is evident from the outset.

The Peacock in Gluttony held a capacity audience on Friday night, in what is one of the largest venues within the Fringe hub.

Kicking off the opening of the world’s second-largest arts festival (take a bow, Adelaide), the crowd was treated to a built-up stage packed with a live band, a choir of over fifty, more than a dozen singers, and a powerful conductor—all of whom were adorning appropriate MJ/JJ attire.

Charmaine Jones-Devasgayam, director of Gospo Collective, is utterly brilliant as our host, conductor, and lead; hitting huge notes that are accentuated by the smooth harmonies of the choir.

The performance itself is a medley of sensational hits, taking you through the vast array of tunes from pop music’s most famous brother and sister. However, this isn’t a glorified cover band—there is a certain injection of originality coming from the mash-up of different tracks. It’s kind to the ears.

What strikes us about this ensemble is how much rehearsal and planning must have gone into this show. The cast is mammoth, but the synchronised choreography indicates that each of them has put in plenty of time making this show worth seeing.

Their name really says it all; this group is a collective. Everyone on stage is a contributor and that energy extends to its audience. You’ll find yourself tapping your feet or grooving in your seat in no time.

The show isn’t a theatrical one—nor does it need to be—but there is plenty of enjoyment derived from each cast member playing their dedicated role. Quite poetically, this production portrays the sense of unity that both artists continued to push for in their heyday.

Throughout the performance, there are a few singers that are given their time to shine—and some do so more potently than others—however, it provides plenty of variation throughout the sixty-minute runtime.

Jackson Vs Jackson will definitely fill your night with great vibes—especially if you’re a fan of two standouts within the golden era of pop. If you’re not, just sit back and admire the production value of close to one hundred people coming together to bring you something special.

★★★★ 4/5 stars

Jackson Vs Jackson is playing again on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th of February. Tickets available online or at The Fringe Box Office. 


Image: Gospo Facebook

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