Mallets at the ready! Are you prepared for RCC 2016?

We’ve got our croquet mallets between our legs ready to fire and it’s only the beginning of December… Royal Croquet Club, we’ve been expecting you!

There’s no denying Adelaide is already feeling that effervescent festival vibe coming on, with celebrations such as the LGBTIQ Feast Festival just finishing up and the official 2016 Adelaide Fringe Festival program having launched at the beginning of the week. And speaking of the Fringe, our oh-so adored Royal Croquet Club (RCC) held their media program launch last Friday with a series of speeches, quirky acts and tasty treats at Crab Shack. Being the first of a few lucky ducks to get a sneak peek of the festivities, it is safe to say we have been blown out of the water with the upcoming program.

The team behind RCC, The Little Miss Group, express great excitement for this year’s croquet, expecting their best game yet with a selection of  60 diverse shows and over 150 unique artists all in the space of 28 days.

This time round, RCC have collaborated with award winning designer and talent behind Barrio and Surrender of Adelaide Festival, Geoff Cobham. The 2016 fitout is set to hold a vibrant new look and feel, with a brand new entrance-way and light installations.


Expect to see Scotch & Soda return with a brand new show.

The croquet will be taking over Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga yet again (can’t wait to ruin more grass!), hosting six great performance areas including a main stage at the north side of the square, with some exciting DJs and music acts due to play as well as a whole lot of entertaining shows from across the globe.

Adelaide will also see the through-road close off as both ends of the square combine to create one massive venue on Friday and Sunday nights, as well as Saturday afternoons.

With a program put together by producers Sasha Zahra and Louise Clarke, we’ll be getting a taste of all sorts, covering all-male burlesque with Briefs, Swedish humour with all genius all idiot, the UK’s Half-Naked Chef with his show Burnt to a Crisp and the acclaimed Scotch & Soda returning with a new performance, just to name a very minute few.

all genius all idiot

All genius, all idiot, for sure.

So are you down for some tricks and stunts with circus and physical theatre? Or perhaps you’re looking to lust over some sensuous cabaret? Maybe you just really want to vibe to some African bongo beats or have your brain bewildered by an unbelievable magic show; Whatever it may be, you can be sure the Croquet Club will have it.

We’re counting down Adelaide… Starting Friday February 12 and ending Monday March 14, let the games begin!


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