Offer your adventurous side a taste of Adelaide’s new Aerial Park

You may have read my article back in October, about Adelaide being graced with the Australia’s first aerial adventure park. Well, I’m back again to let you know that after 30 months and $2.5 million dollars, MegaAdventure Aerial Park opened its doors on Friday 27th of November.

Over 100 guests attended the opening the park, and I was lucky enough to have been invited to be part of the experience. It was a bright, warm morning, and we were served juice and danishes (they really knew how to win me over) as we mingled amongst the crowd. All eyes were pointed upwards towards the 26 metre high behemoth known as Skymate. There was a jolt of excitement amongst us guests. After a brief speech by Alex Blyth, owner and CEO, the red ribbon was cut away and the structure was officially open for business. Guests were fitted with harnesses and taught how to properly use the two attached safety hooks. One by one, we filed through a gate and began our SkyChallenge.

Was I prepared to tackle the rope bridges and balance beams? Could I escape the scramble nets? How could I ever conquer the dreaded Adelaide wine barrel steps? The questions of my last article haunted me. See, between you and me, I’m quite wary (terrified) of heights. So here I was, standing before the very first trial (A balance beam), wondering how the structure manages to distort reality and appear so small from the ground. Now that I was up here in the mocking gusts of wind, I began to wonder if I should feign a stomach ache and blame it on those delicious danishes.

IMG_0710 (Large)

However, let it be known that this writer has courage! There was no way that I was going to back down. If I did, I would be cast out quicker than Elmer from Powerpuff Girls. Remember? The one who ate paste? Regardless, I wouldn’t let it happen. I took my first determined step along the balance beam. I paid no mind to the wind or the hundreds of onlookers. Careful, steady steps brought me to the other side. And you know what? It was thrilling. To put your mind to a challenge and complete it with ease really pumps you full of dopamine. With a grin, I continued to the next trial that awaited me.

SkyMate launched with 50 different crossings, and now that I’ve experienced them, I can’t wait to see additional 70 that the MegaAdventure crew has planned over the coming months. Especially in businesses, there has been a boom in interest in the park. The numerous early bookings foretell fortune for the new attraction. Now that the holidays are here, there has never been a better time to head down to MegaAdventure and challenge yourself with friends and family. Prices start at $32 for for the SkyChallenge, $5 for the SkyWalk, and $10 to break the world record for most consecutive backflips on MegaBounce. Make your purchase online and receive a 5% discount!

MegaAdventure is located in Adelaide Shores, on the corner of Military road and Hamra Avenue in West Beach.

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