Take your party to the next level with Marula Bar

Adelaide events have just received an upgrade thanks to two local Adelaide boys, Jack Booker and Jake Ashworth.

Marula Bar is a completely portable, boutique pop-up bar that serves beer, wine, spirits and cocktails, served to you by the two dapper boys who created the business.

The idea for Marula came about when Jack was planning to do a temporary pop-up bar in the CBD. However, after noticing a gap in the market for portable bars, he approached Jake with the idea and after bouncing some ideas off each other, they designed and built Marula Bar themselves.

The boys came up with the name while watching an interesting Youtube video.

“Marula is actually a tree in africa, which produces a succulent orange fruit. Its said that the fruit ferments in the stomachs of the animals that eat it – intoxicating them. Its also known as the marriage tree, which we thought was pretty suiting.” said Jack.

Jack and Jake designed the bar to be completely portable, having the ability to be unassembled and taken up stairs, into lifts and rebuilt back into all kinds of places. This makes it perfect for weddings, birthdays and corporate events that might be indoors or outside, providing great drinks and transforming the environment they set up in.

Rather than having set packages for events, Jack and Jake prefer to meet with the host and create a menu that’s entirely suited to their event. Their beer taps are independent, meaning Marula can pour any beers the customer wants. They do like to encourage the tapping of craft beer though, as one of their goals is to spread the love about independent breweries.

“One of our aims to introduce people to craft beer (something we are passionate about) in an approachable manner. We don’t really expect people that are new to craft beer to tip back a triple IPA and love it, but an easy lager may be a good start.”

“We are really enjoying pouring Swell beers at the moment, as we feel they have a really good introduction range to craft beer and the tinnies are also ideal for backup stock incase we run the kegs dry.”

As well as Swell, the boys hope to use mostly SA products, starting by sourcing their fresh fruit from Beerenberg Farm.

The boys behind Marula Bar, Jack Booker and Jake Ashworth

The boys behind Marula Bar, Jack Booker and Jake Ashworth

If you’ve got an event coming up that is in need of a pop-up bar, you can contact Marula Bar on 0417 360 531 or shoot them through an email to jack@marulabar.com.au.

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