Mary’s Poppin’

Mary’s Poppin’, lockin’ and droppin’ at a brand new club space down Synagogue Lane just off of Rundle Street, boasting an LGBTIQ-friendly vibe and some of the cheesiest yet classic tunes you’ll have the pleasure of poppin’ to.

The new, appropriately named joint, Mary’s Poppin’, is set to host an array of entertainment with glittering drag shows and an atmosphere screaming flamboyancy and camp. The club even saw celebrity appearances from TV show personalities Max and Charlie Carver (Teen Wolf) for their opening weekend which is, in itself, already proving the utter fabulousness of this new venue!

IMG_6561 (Large)

IMG_6550 (Large)

IMG_6597 (Large)

Things just got weird (and wonderful).

The fitout has been themed ever so appropriately, with bright-coloured props fitting a vibrant, tropical theme and a distinct, fire-engine red colour scheme. Prepare to be met at the door by ever so stunning hosts in drag Ms Luci Furr and Ms Eveelle before you are guided through a narrow hallway and led up a mysterious staircase into the world of wonder that is Mary’s Poppin’.

IMG_6557 (Large)

Ms Luci Furr presents shots on arrival (dangerous!).

The DJ booth is actually a white, fairy-lit piano and stands by an outrageous chandelier glowing glamourously in the corner of the room. What’s even more glamourous is the fact that there is a disco ball embedded in every toilet cubicle, each of which has a pink door presenting a prominent celebrity name such as Madonna, Kim K or Caitlyn. Pick your favourite and go to the toilet in style!

IMG_6570 (Large)

Disco cubicles.

If you’re wondering about the cocktail list too, look no further than a ‘Schlong’ Island Iced Tea to satisfy your thirst. Someone’s getting it seriously right with the names here.

So everyone, yes, it has finally happened – Adelaide has got itself a new gay bar and it’s irresistibly funky. Gay, straight, whatever you may go by, we promise you will love a little bit of Mary’s.

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