Meet 3 of your Aleenta Barre Glenelg instructors

Last Saturday morning, smack bang in the middle of Adelaide Fashion Festival we were invited to take a class at Aleenta Barre’s new Glenelg studio (which also happens to be the location of our first video for AFF). We spent five minutes with three of the Barre-tenders (instructors with a funny alcohol related title) to find out their favourite exercises, post work-out snacks and the best active wear brand.


Name: Maddie Hicks

Fitness Background: Classical ballet, contemporary and jazz for 17 years, 8 years of pilates, 7 years of teaching dance and now study physiotherapy and learning clinical exercise prescription

Favourite Aleenta Barre exercise: I love anything glute work, who doesn’t want a nice ass?

Favourite Aleenta Barre class: I love Blend, it’s such a nice mix of that burning barre workout but also stretching and lengthening.

Chi ball or theraband: Chi ball!

Exercise motto: Work out for yourself, listen to your body and honour it by taking care of yourself.

Best post workout snack: I usually come home after teaching and make a big plate of sauteed veggies and tuna, but if I’m on the run I love these bars called Choc Active Greens, so yum!

Favourite active wear brand: I love Lululemon, their ‘naked feel’ pants are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn!


Name: David Mackenzie

Fitness Background: Dancer & Personal Trainer

Favourite Aleenta Barre exercise: Chair Pose Pulse

Favourite Aleenta Barre class: Ballet Barre

Chi ball or theraband: Chi Ball

Exercise motto: Walk away knowing you gave it everything you possibly could have

Best post workout snack: Banana, Berry and Whey Protein Shake

Favourite active wear brand: Lululemon


Name: Paris Whitridge

Fitness Background: I have danced my whole life and when studying dance full time I was introduced to yoga and pilates. I have always loved anything intense, that really raises the heart rate and has you actively thinking about what each individual part of your body is doing.

Favourite Aleenta Barre exercise: The lazy pigeon, it is a killer!

Chi Ball or theraband: Theraband- It’s so versatile and really can intensify that barre burn!

Exercise motto: Progress is progress no matter how small.

Best post workout snack: Raw Mylk chocolate covered almonds.

Favourite active wear brand: Lululemon, Adidas is a close second though!

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