Movie Review: Atomic Blonde

Played by the capable and charming Charlize Theron, Agent Lorraine Broughton is sent on a mission to Germany, during the days leading up to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

But as Atomic Blonde begins, we soon learn the focus is less on the Wall’s demise and more on a priceless document, said to contain a covert list of important agents working on Cold War intelligence.

Only minutes after arriving at the Berlin airport, the well-dressed British spy instantly senses danger, so she swiftly removes her red stiletto and uses it to attack the two men that had picked her up.

She then meets with David Percival (played by Atonement’s James McAvoy) as the two are meant to work together in order to obtain the indispensable list but Lorraine soon sees his unreliability.

The nearly two-hour long film manages to keep you engaged with the help of an impressive 80’s soundtrack throughout and well-filmed scenes that are subtly shot with contrasting neon colours.

South African born Theron adapts well to her role as an MI6 spy, one that is indisputably beautiful but equally just as dangerous, particularly when she takes on a number of KGB agents in one of the film’s most exciting, Kill Bill-esque fighting scenes.

Despite the odds, Agent Lorraine’s invincibility appears to triumph each time, giving Atomic Blonde some slightly darker but nonetheless, empowering feminist vibes.

The action-packed thriller will be in cinemas from the 3rd of August.



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