Client Liaison: one-upping your business portfolio since forever

It seems every day we hop on the internet and find out about some new venture Client Liaison are embarking on. For those not in the know, Client Liaison are an indie-pop band from Melbourne; ‘international in flavour – cosmopolitan in style’. Their synth-heavy beats ooze 80s and 90s nostalgia, full of groovy baselines that’ll have you bopping along in your car, totally unaware of the couple pulled up next to you laughing at your lame-ass dance moves.

But while their catchy tunes are selling out shows Australia-wide, that’s not the reason we’re here today. No, dear friend, we’re here to explore the ever-expanding portfolio of these power-blue suit wearing musical entrepreneurs.

Just this week it was announced that Client Liaison is working with Kiehl’s to release a limited-edition Ultra Facial Cream in the lead-up to Splendour in the Grass. The packaging of the best-selling product will be redesigned by artist Ilya Milstein to feature illustrations that represent the band. Can’t get that skin glistening on the leather interior of an off-white limousine without proper moisturiser.

Speaking of which, the band have launched their own off-white limousine service to give patrons the ultimate Client Liaison experience, in line with their recent single of the same name. The limo can be hired by the hour, on a tour of Collins St to ‘surf the CBD’, for a decked-out wine tour of Yarra Valley or a scenic drive down the Great Ocean Road. Sketches on the website of a private jet, yacht and truck give us hope that more luxurious CL-branded modes of transport are on their way. However, don’t you wanna ride in my off-white courier truck doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

A forage into the world of fashion design saw them succeed with a dreamy, 80s-inspired range. Filled with ultra-cool pieces like branded bum-bags, pastel t-shirts, rashies and one-pieces swimwear, the range sold like hotcakes and was recently picked up by Urban Outfitters who are flogging the range in the UK.

If you’re one of the 35k people who follow them on Facebook, you’ll probably have indulged yourself in viewing some of their high-calibre videos. From their competition giving away tickets to the Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 party, to the promo videos for Off White Limousine, each clip is laden with retro Australiana vibes, quirky quips and amazing outfits.

These dangly-earring wearing, bespeckled-bearing Victorians are the most entrepreneurial musicians to hit out waves since Paris Hilton released ‘Stars Are Blind’ and followed it with 82374823 fragrances, clothing lines, makeup and a DJ residency in Ibiza. We can only hope they too will release an eponymous fragrance, perhaps not one that smells like bad decisions and candy, however.

Images: Client Liaison

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