Vlog: Natural World brings superfood for your hair to Australia

Have you ever heard of superfood for your hair? A UK based company called Natural World has developed some all-natural, special formulas for your hair using superfoods that you probably add to your muesli, like coconut milk and chia seeds.

Each product is made from 95% naturally derived ingredients, and it totally free from parabens, phosphates, phthalates (check out Mel trying to pronounce that word in the video), dyes and gluten. This is great for people who have sensitive skin or allergies, or those who are vegan as the products are completely cruelty free.

We’ve recently tried a whole bunch of products from the range trying to get our hair used to the harsh, chemical-filled London water. Our picks from the bunch would definitely be the coconut milk shampoo, great for dehydrated hair, and the coconut oil, wonderful for using in your hair post-shower or for a frizz-free day.

Other products worth mentioning are the chia seed shampoo and conditioner, perfect for achieving volume and shine, and the moisture-filled argan oil range.

Created right here in Soho, London, their gorgeous haircare range will be launching in Australia very soon. You’ll be able to find them stocked in Coles store worldwide, making them affordable and accessible.

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