The New Yorks play at Rocket Bar

The New Yorks play at Rocket Bar on August the 25th.
The New Yorks play at Rocket Bar on August the 25th.

Indie rockers The New Yorks have just released their EP ‘I Wish I Was You, But That’s Just Me’, featuring their single ‘We Enjoy This Too Much’ which was dropped last month.

In celebration of releasing the record, the Adelaide band is set to hit the road to broadcast their collection of new sounds that take inspiration from a range of artists. Think The Strokes mixed with Catfish and The Bottlemen, with a little bit of The Jungle Giants’ early offerings.

I Wish I Was You, But That’s Just Me spins into an indie pop/rock wonderland, the songs folding into one another and transporting you to that incredible time of ‘Hot Fuss’ by The Killers.

Speaking about the EP, lead vocalist Vinnie Barbaro says, “The main themes of the EP are admiration and resentment; love/hate relationships and the irrelevance of questioning juvenile morality. The notion of love/hate relationships is not necessarily based on human interaction, but rather how a love for something and the search for admiration or approval can rob that process of the elements that made you love it in the first place.”

Surely I’m not the only one who felt those words strike deep?

After listening to the clever lyrics and irresistible song-writing, you’ll be hungry to see them live. Starting with a free show in Sydney on August 18, the group will come back home to Adelaide on August 25 at Rocket Bar, and then carry on to Melbourne for September 22.

The New Yorks are thrilled to bring their music to all their dedicated listeners, and are more than ready to hit the ground running with high-energy live shows.

Listen to their EP here, and get tickets to their Adelaide show here.


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