A night at one of Ibiza’s most luxurious resorts, Hacienda Na Xamena

Ever dreamt of staying at a luxurious 5-star resort tucked away in the secluded, winding cliffs of Ibiza, Spain, with your very own ensuite, private mini pool, jacuzzi and stretching views of the Mediterranean? Yeah, me too.

Last week was my birthday week and I just so happened to live out this very specific dream at the ethereal Hacienda Na Xamena in Ibiza’s north. I’d been following this lush spot for a while on Instagram, having actually found it first when googling “infinity pools in Ibiza”. Infinity pools are my favourite and I had never actually been in a proper one before, but Hacienda Na Xamena stepped things up a notch. They had a giant infinity spa overlooking dramatic cliffs. More on that later.

Basically this place is like what you’d imagine heaven on earth to be. A 30 minute drive from Ibiza Old Town takes you through spiralling uphill roads with magnificent views of the island in its natural state (minus the boozed up party-goers splashed in glitter). It’s a long drive, but when you arrive, you soon see why it’s worth it.

I was frantically Snapchatting the passing scenery as we pulled up into the driveway of this ridiculously flashy resort. A member of staff came rushing to take my bag from the boot before I even had the chance to get out of the car. Efficient. Being a 5 star, you get exactly what you paid for, experiencing service of the utmost excellence from start to finish.

At that point I was so excited to get inside that I could feel myself being way too over eager at the front desk. When I apologised for my hyperactivity, the concierge responded, “Don’t worry, all our guests arrive pretty excited.” That made me feel a little better about being way too OTT. Oh well, matches the interior.

Following the concierge through to my room, there seemed to be endless hallways in this spacious, marble-laden hotel. I had come to the conclusion that whoever built the place thought that pools were really really important, and that one could never really have too many. There was practically one in every corner; when taking a stroll through the resort, it was almost as if you were doing some kind of tour of all the pools in the place. That being said, I was definitely not complaining. I did end up turning into a prune by the end of the stay though.

Just like the rest of the resort, our suite was positively breathtaking. Arched walls framed a picture perfect view of the space, exposing a bright, all-white interior dipped in the golden tones of late afternoon sun. Ooh yes, very thematic to the idea that this is heaven on earth. Our suite had two bedrooms, one of which featured its very own hammam (Turkish bath) overlooking the climactic views of the rocky cliffs and calm blue ocean below. As if that weren’t extra enough, we had a terrace with sunbeds, two luxe bathrooms, a living room and our very own outdoor mini pool which we spent most of our time in. One pop of a champagne bottle later and we were making the most of our new Ibiza home.

Our amazing terrace view at Hacienda Na Xamena!

Our amazing terrace view!

Just one of the many pools at Hacienda Na Xamena

Just one of the many pools at Hacienda Na Xamena.

After a spectacular sunset, we woke to an equally stunning sunrise and enjoyed the vision from the comfort of our mini pool. However, it was a new day, and so it was also time to explore the rest of the hotel (and tour some more pools). That is when we made our way to what was arguably the most iconic image of Hacienda Na Xamena: the La Posidonia Spa and infinity pool. It’s the first image you get when you search for the hotel; that never-ending stretch of blue water into the Mediterranean Sea. According to Hacienda Na Xamena’s official website, the spa “is a sanctuary in which to Feel Reborn.”

Well, feel reborn we did. With strictly no photos allowed, this forced us to get off our technological devices and into nature or whatever – very very painful for an SM queen like me. Admittedly, it was super relaxing not worrying about taking aesthetic ‘candid’ photos and actually enjoying the experience for what it was! I snuck in some sneaky shots towards the end though; it was too beautiful not to.

While I spent a good day and a half at Hacienda Na Xamena, I still feel like there was so much more to discover in that little slice of paradise. From a games room and tennis courts, to live music nights and the restaurants, I could easily have spent another couple of weeks there. That’s all the more reason for me to come back and visit, hopefully!

You can read more about the hotel and the different rooms on offer at www.haciendanaxamena-ibiza.com.


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